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Wasp hanging trap - Asian hornets

Reference - EQ-PIE-04011

Hanging trap to protect an area or terrace from flying insects

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A device to trap flying insects near the house by means of a liquid natural bait.

The 2.4 liter round trap should be suspended from a branch of a tree or hung from a pole about 10 meters away from the area to be protected.
It must be filled with a liquid solution to attract targeted insects such as flies, wasps, hornets or other insect species.
Targeted trapping will greatly reduce the number of insects that cause nuisance in a dwelling or hive.
Initially, it is necessary to locate the sites to determine the zones of passage of the flies, wasps and hornets. It is possible to locate wasp nests by people who have observed the comings and goings of insects.


Usage tips :
- Open the trap by turning the lid clockwise.
- Pour 125ml of attractive concentrated special wasp or other composition into the trap.
- Add the amount of water needed to reach the level mark of the trap (ie about 250-300ml of water)
- Close the trap and hang it away from the wind, if possible exposed half-shade, half-sun.
- By high outside temperature (above 35 ° C), complete the level regularly and suspend the trap in the shade.
- Renew the operation as soon as the trap is saturated, max after 10-15 days of exposure


Trap Size :
- Diameter: 204 mm
- Height: 155 mm


Precautions :
Before use, read the label and the information concerning the product and strictly respect the usages, doses, conditions and precautions of use.
Permitted use in gardens.



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