Flow restrictor RO 350 ml
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Flow restrictor RO 350 ml

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The smallest restrictor reverse osmosis

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Rejection Flow Limiter for Reverse Osmosis with 50 GPD Membrane.


The 350 ml Rejection Flow Limiter for Osmosis equipped with a 50 GPD membrane is an essential component of any reverse osmosis system. Designed to provide the necessary back pressure to the osmosis membrane, this flow restrictor guarantees optimal operation of your equipment while ensuring the quality of the water produced.


Characteristics of the 350 ml flow destroyer:

  • Main function: The flow restrictor plays a vital role in restricting the flow to the drain line. This action keeps the membrane under pressure, which is essential to create the back pressure necessary for the production of osmosis water.
  • Compatibility: The flow restrictor is specifically designed for use with reverse osmosis systems equipped with 50 GPD (gallons per day) membranes.
  • Recommended Replacement: It is recommended that the flow restrictor be replaced each time you replace the membrane in your reverse osmosis equipment. This ensures optimal operation and high quality water production.
  • Easy Installation: The flow restrictor is installed on the waste water tube (discharge water) of your reverse osmosis system. Its in-line design facilitates its replacement, whether to replace a defective flow restrictor or to adapt it to a membrane with a different flow capacity (higher or lower).
  • Standard Model: The in-line flow restrictor is specifically designed for 50 GPD RO systems. It is available in a standard 350ml size, allowing for versatile use on 50 GPD RO systems with line sizes between 350 and 500ml.
  • Durability: Made with high quality materials, the flow restrictor ensures reliable and long lasting performance. It is designed to withstand environmental conditions and pressure fluctuations.


Maintenance tips :

Replace the flow restrictor approximately every 2 years to ensure optimum operation of your reverse osmosis system.
When replacing the membrane in your equipment, also consider replacing the flow restrictor to maintain optimal filtration performance.

The Reverse Osmosis Flow Restrictor with 50 GPD Membrane is the ideal solution to maintain the performance and quality of your reverse osmosis system. Treat yourself to purified, high-quality water with this essential piece of your reverse osmosis equipment.



Thread1/4 Inch - 8/13
Débit350 ml
Origine de fabricationTAIWAN


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