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Pine Processionary Pheromone - Case of 2
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Pine Processionary Pheromone - Case of 2

Reference - PV-APP-02027

Capsule to attract the male butterfly for 6 months

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Pheromone capsule to attract male moths from the pine processionary caterpillar in a suspended ecological trap.

It makes it possible to avoid the fertilization of the female butterflies and thus to rapidly reduce the development of the caterpillars.
This capsule is professional quality with a shelf life of 6 months. Our supplier has chosen the best pheromone in the world to reduce the cost of treatment while increasing the percentage of capture during the peak season.

This pheromone is targeted at the pine processionary only. For other caterpillars visit our website.
The capsule should be placed in a hanging trap with a large capacity, in order to capture a large amount of butterflies. It will empty the trap regularly to maintain a strong attractiveness of the pheromone.
The trap is installed from June to September on the first branches of the pine. It must be clear of branches and leaves to leave a large space around the entrances.

In the case where there are more than four pines, a trap must be installed every 20 meters or 6 to 8 traps per hectare. In case of heavy infestation, it is necessary to double the pîèges.


Precautions for use:
Follow the precautionary and precautionary statements on the pheromone label.
Keep out of reach of children.

Keep the pheromone capsule in the refrigerator.
Shelf life: 24 months if stored below 4°C or 18 months if stored between 4°C and 12°C.

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