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3 bags for processionary caterpillar trap
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3 bags for processionary caterpillar trap

Reference - PV-PPA-01015

Replacement bags for your ecological trap

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The collection bags are used to isolate and contain the processionary caterpillars trapped by the Procerex ecological collar.

They are composed of a thick plastic and sufficiently resistant to the tips of the urticating needles of the insect. In addition, it is the ideal solution for the bag to be weathertight while supporting the heavy weight once filled with caterpillars.
The Procerex trap bag is designed to withstand nearly 50 kg.
It can be cremated once it is filled, since its special material does not emit black fumes. This operation must be performed without opening the bag.
The micro-perforations allow the humid air to pass during the day, in order to evacuate the drops of dew.
It is advisable to replace the bags between November and December.
The bag must be filled with earth peat or compost, in order to allow to chrysalize (become a butterfly).
The bag must remain in place for one month after the last descent in procession (end of May).
Take the necessary precautions, when changing the bag, not to touch the stinging hairs by shaking it. Use gloves during the operation.

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