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Reverse membrane for Robust Pro 500 GPD Ecosoft
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Reverse membrane for Robust Pro 500 GPD Ecosoft

Reference - CSV3012500ECO

Direct high flow membrane to eliminate all pollution, nitrate, pesticide, bacteria in city or source water

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Professional Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane for pure quality water.


The key to your perfect drinking water

Are you looking for a 500 GPD membrane to have superior quality purified water? The Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane is designed to meet your needs for pure water to prepare your coffee or to make ice cream. It is compatible with a professional direct flow reverse osmosis unit which is equipped with a 3012 membrane holder. It is fitted to all RObust Ecosoft models.

The Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane features a flat sheet of advanced membrane, which helps separate impurities from water, leaving high quality purified water.


The important advantages of the 500 GPD membrane:

  • 78 liters of purified water in just one hour: Enjoy an incredibly fast water flow, ideal for the daily needs of your home or professional activity.
  • High-quality filtration: Our Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane provides exceptional filtration, effectively eliminating:
  • Small organic impurities
  • Heavy metals and their compounds
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Absolute reliability

The Ecosoft membrane is designed to last up to 2 years, depending on use.


Recommended use of the Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane:

  1. Private Residences: It can be installed in residential water purification systems, providing a constant source of premium quality potable water for your drinking water need.
  2. Businesses: Commercial water treatment units equipped with the Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane guarantee businesses a reliable supply of purified water for the preparation of cold or hot beverages, such as tea or coffee.
  3. Industries: Industrial applications requiring high quality water, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, will benefit from this cutting-edge membrane, such as for the manufacture of artisanal ice cream.


How long does the Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane last?

The lifespan depends on maintenance, the quality of water it must filter, the regular replacement of the pre-filters and the number of times it is used during the day, but it can generally last 2 to 3 years.


Benefit from American membrane know-how, combined with the proven experience of a renowned Ukrainian manufacturer. International quality for your water. This is why we chose the Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane for its 100% reliability.



Length Membrane298 mm       
Diamter Membrane74 mm
Operating Pressure3.4 Bar
Temperature max45° C
Flow max78 L/H
Maximum turbidity1 NFU
pH of use3 - 11
Tolérance chlore libre< 0.1 ppm


Volume de perméat7.9 L/H                 
Sel rejeté96 %                  
Working pressure4.8 Bar                 



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