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Pack anti limestone home : tap + shower + Washer
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Pack anti limestone home : tap + shower + Washer

Reference - MF-MC1575

The 3 magnetics fittings with for home

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The magnetic anti-scale
For machine washing machine and dishwasher.
To simply put in the machine drum with the laundry or in the cutlery rack of the dishwasher. Prevents formation of new deposits of tartar. Eliminates the existing deposits. The amount of detergent and salt regeneration may be reduced because of the low degree of water hardness. You can wash temperature of 90 ° to 60 ° C.
Environmentally friendly: you no longer use fabric softener and rinse aid. In addition, you Descale your machine. The clothes are cleaner and softer. The washer is brilliant. 530 joke. Usable Avie.

MAGNOFIX for taps
The magnetic bit anti-limestone

The chromed brass ferrule contains an aerator with a long-term water-saving built up to 50% water saving.
The magnet system to fight effectively against the limestone due to its power 1280 Gauss. The piece fits on all common valves. Supplied with each reduction.

MAGNOFIX hose shower
The magnetic coupling anti-limestone

Magnet system to place the connection between the faucet and the hose, to protect two accessories at a time. Comfort of fresh water for your skin and hair. Economy of cosmetics, because the limestone does not stick to the skin. Facility
maintenance of your bathroom. More marks on the walls.
Fits all hoses. Magnetic power of 1440 Gauss.

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