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Wood restorer degreaser that revives your furniture.
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HGP Maintenance based on orange 500 ml by 2

Reference - LAC-HGP-500

Lot 2 renovators orange base

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Properties and performances


- Clean, streamline and renovate all wood: oak, pine, wild cherry tree, beech, ebony, walnut, acacia, chestnut, fir, birch, plane tree, cypress, poplar, mahogany tree, teak...
- Efficient on all varnished and oilskin, former or modern pieces of furniture.
- Produced antipollution of French manufacture.
- Removed grease stains, traces of fingers and of nicotine.
- Removed glory, and of water marks.
- Streamline kitchen furniture perfectly without leaving trace.
- Feeds and protects against ageing.
- Do not leave store on the support.
- Not fat.
- Anti-adhering for glues, varnishes, painting.


Examples of application :


Kitchen: varnished pieces of furniture of kitchens, tables and chairs, the stratified panels...
Living room and room has eat : sideboard, dresser, table, chairs,
Office of Public Prosecutor, knick-knacks...
Chamber : cupboard, chest of drawers, night table, woodworks of the bed, Office of Public Prosecutor...


Instructions :

To apply HGP to the orange with the aid of a rag or of a spray to the surface has deal.
Let act some seconds or some minutes according to clogging.
Polish up with a soft and dry rag.
For the small surfaces impregnate the rag directly. To dust off, to cross an permeate rag of some drops of product HGP maintenance.
To hesitate not has renew operation 2 or 3 times in succession, if the stain is former or on glass circles. On plastics make a prior trial. The wild cherry tree being a delicate wood, to stay down caution.

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