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Shower housing Anti-Scale + Chlorine + KDF - MK808

Reference - PR-MK808-PF

showerhead filter housing chromed top quality with multi filtration

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Quality filter housing to treat the water before the shower in a cubicle or bath.

Its multi filtration cartridge contains several components that reduce chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and restores well-being.
It is easy to install on the arrival of 1/2 inch water (15/21), before the shower hose or shower head on the ceiling.

Its shares 6 steps the natural softness to the fragile, sensitive skin to eczema and psoriasis. You should use an Aleppo soap to ensure a thorough cleaning of dry skin.

Effective anti-chlorine filter shower.


The design of the chrome filter housing fits into your faucet bathroom.

Its performance are numerous, such as reducing the effects of hard water, thanks to the integrated magnet.
Coal and KDF that contains the cartridge treats the water to the chlorine, odor, pesticides, bacteria and heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum).

This shower filter system is standard to be screwed 15/21 arrival with European standards.

This is the most complete and efficient filter range Aquapro. The cartridge has a life of about 45000 liters.


- Elimination of chlorine over 95%
- Prevents itching due to limestone
- Reduced white marks on shower walls
- Contains ceramic balls to make more energizing water



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