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Sand filter 1.6 m3/h Well water and drilling Valve Floteck 189

Reference - SAND-FLO2M

Impurity filter with automatic cleaning for borehole or river water

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High Performance Sand Filter with Floteck 189 Valve.


Sand filtration, cutting-edge technology for crystal clear water!

Problem of turbidity of borehole or well water, we offer a stress-free filtration system to retain silt, sand and organic matter thanks to our high quality sand filtration system. Designed for unrivaled efficiency, our sand filter with a Fleck valve offers a reliable solution for obtaining pure, clear water over the long term. This means that you no longer need to use consumables to retain solid matter in your home's water.


Why choose our automatic sand filtration system?

  • Guaranteed Effectiveness: Water passes through a bed of pure sand at low speed, capturing most of the impurities on the upper surface. Small particles of impurities and floating organic matter are also retained, ensuring clean, clog-free water.
  • Unrivaled Versatility: Our sand filter is suitable for a variety of water sources, whether borehole, river or well. It is ideal for micro-irrigation and drinking water treatment.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The backwash mechanism is simple and effective, ensuring easy maintenance of your filtration system. The electronic valve cleans the sand periodically for several years without the need to replace it.
  • Safe and quality filtration: It is the high quality filtration solution at a competitive price, to guarantee clear and transparent water all year round whatever the season.


Protect your water treatment equipment and ensure a clean, healthy water source. Opt for sand filtration with Fleck valve and enjoy water without impurities every time you use it.


Does the sand filter work with well water?

Yes, it is recommended to use it with water from wells, rivers and many other sources. It provides a guarantee of purity of water to be made drinkable.


How long does the filter last?
With maintenance adapted to your water consumption, thanks to an electronic valve, it can last for many years.



Bottle type13 X 54          
Valve modelFLOTECK 189
Water flow supplied1.6 M3/H
Media typePure sand à 99%
Bottle capacity56 L
Connection1-1/4 Inches = 33/42
Accessories + InstructionsYES


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