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Filter housing 10 inch Big Blue In/Out 1 Inch

Reference - PR-AQF-1050C1

High flow filter for your home with transparent tank

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Big filter with 10-inch transparent tank to treat impurities from city water or rain.

This filter holder allows the coil or pleated cartridge which filters suspended matter to be seen through the tank. It is used on an inlet network of the house with a pressure lower than 4 bars, because the tank is less resistant than that of polypropylene.
You can install all 248 mm cartridges from 1 to 100 microns with a diameter of 110 mm. No standard cartridge can fit.

This big filter holder is suitable for an instantaneous flow of 3 m3 / h at the entrance of a house of 4 to 6 people. It comes with a metal bracket and screws to fix it to the wall. It is used to filter the water in the house, because its cartridges are suitable for treating chlorine, pesticides or even heavy metals at a flow rate of 3 to 4 m3 / h.


The filter housing is made of high quality polymer, with 1 decompression button for the purge when it is opened.
This filter holder is used for the filtration of suspended matter in drinking water, drilling water or rain with disposable or washable cartridges with different filtration fineness.
It is designed to guarantee maximum filtration safety for drinking water and also for the preparation of other liquids.
On order, we can design BIG DUO or BIG TRIO models with transparent tanks.


Installation advice: Use only plastic nipples for the inlet and outlet.


Characteristics :
Height: 333 mm
Width: 180mm
Maximum pressure: 4.9 bars at a temperature of 20° C
(tested at a pressure of 21 bars)
Maximum water temperature: 37° C

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