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Liquid mosquito larvicide film 1 Liter
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Liquid mosquito larvicide film 1 Liter

Reference - IN-OIN-99017

Special biodegradable film for standing water to destroy mosquito larvae

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Ready-to-use solution to stop the development of larvae in a pond or pond.

This product is biodegradable in standing water with physical and mechanical action against the life cycle of mosquitoes. It is used when the larvae are not hatched or before the mosquito can lay eggs in the pond or body of water. This action is effective for at least 4 weeks. It does not cause harmful effects to the aquatic environment, such as fish and other animals.

Biodegradable gel can effectively fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes.

The liquid acts on common and tiger mosquitoes.


Application areas :
Fish pond, flowerpot saucers, rainwater tanks, puddles, watering can.


Manual :
This gel should not be diluted. Place the product in all standing water or at the edge of the body of water to be treated.

- Apply 1 ml of product as is per square meter of standing water surface.
- Apply 5 to 10 drops of product as is in each pot saucer.


Composition : Polydimethylsiloxane and mineral oil.

Made in France

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