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Kit 3 tips Taps + Washing Machine

Reference - AMO-ROBL15

Pack 4 magnetic tips for home

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Magnetized faucets and washing machine to prevent scale formation.

These products are used for many years to reduce the negative effects of hard water on the skin and in the drum of the washing machine.
They have a very powerful magnet 14000 Gauss reducing the limestone into a very fine powder called aragonite.
Only the magnet of such power is able to produce such a result.

The dispensing spout is compatible with both fastening systems present in the home, the mixer and the gooseneck, as its top crown disassembles to fit the type of thread.
To install the magnetic coupling 3/4 inch, just unscrew the hose from the washing machine at the arrival of tap water.


They bring a sweet sensation of water, so it does not filter the limestone. Soap and washing powder used will be reduced in quantity for greater efficiency.
These tip models are certified by CSA standard French.
Each piece is made of chrome plated brass of good quality.

To complete this lot, do not forget to add the anti-scale shower nozzle.


Advantages of magnetic tip :
- The scale does not stick in the frother
- No scale deposits in the pans on the glasses in the iron
- No whitish mark on the sink in stainless steel or enamel
- Usable life without changing the neodymium 14,000 Gauss




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