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Cartridges 9-3/4 Inch

9 inch 3/4 Polypropylene cartridges: Filter impurities from drinking water!



The 9 ¾ inch polypropylene cartridges are used in all household water filtration systems, from reverse osmosis to a general treatment plant, offering a wide choice of different filtration finenesses from 0.5 to 100 microns. Their very competitive price and their filtration quality give this cartridge versatile use.
We offer this type of cartridge for water purification to improve the quality of drinking water in your home or business.


The quality of drinking water is a crucial element of our existence, requiring constant vigilance. Unfortunately, our water supplies are not always free of impurities, which can compromise its purity and, by extension, our health. These impurities, whether from sediment, sand or rust, can alter the quality of the water we consume.

The 9 3/4 inch polypropylene cartridge is the filtration solution specially designed to effectively eliminate impurities from our drinking water, thus guaranteeing safe consumption.


How does this 9 3/4 inch polypropylene cartridge work to remove impurities?

It is based on advanced filtration technology, aimed at eliminating particles suspended in water. Generally made of materials such as polypropylene, nylon or even steel, it ensures optimal filtration.

The advantages of using a 9 3/4 inch cartridge are numerous:

Purer, clearer water: By eliminating impurities, this cartridge guarantees pleasant-tasting water, ideal for our daily consumption and preparation of drinks.
Preservation of health: Drinking water free of all impurities contributes to our general well-being by reducing the risks associated with the consumption of bacteria or harmful particles.
Protection of household appliances: By filtering water, this cartridge protects our household appliances from damage caused by sediment particles, thus extending their lifespan.
Respect for the environment: Opting for a filtration cartridge allows us to reduce our plastic footprint by limiting the use of water bottles, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.
But how do we choose the best 9 3/4 inch cartridge for our specific needs?

What elements should be taken into account before installing a polypropylene cartridge:

Type of impurities to eliminate: It is essential to identify the impurities present in our water in order to choose a cartridge adapted to our needs.
Water flow: The water flow offered by the cartridge must correspond to our needs in terms of consumption.
Cartridge life: It is important to check the life of the cartridge to ensure that it will perform optimally over time.
Certification: Choose a cartridge certified by recognized organizations, thus guaranteeing its quality and effectiveness.

Investing in a 9 3/4 inch polypropylene cartridge to filter impurities from our drinking water is a wise choice. Not only does it ensure purer and more delicious water, but it also contributes to our health and respect for the environment.