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Online cartridge Anti-scale reverse osmosis 6 X 2 inches

Reference - PR-AIH-2

Cartridge with anti-limescale magnets for filtration

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Anti-scale cartridge that can fragment the limestone reaching the reverse osmosis unit to prolong the life of the membrane.

This new filter cartridge is essential in areas where limestone rate is important.
It consists of several powerful anti-scale magnets that transform large pieces of limestone fine powder, thanks to magnetic fields.
It sits right before the anti-sediment cartridge or just after according to the reverse osmosis unit of model.
It works like a magnet wholesale pipe, except that it has entered into a threaded 1/4 to receive all available connections, to connect it to a hose.


This online cartridge does not filter the limestone but Aquapro has found that it can extend the life of the osmosis membrane of an additional two years.
In a reverse osmosis unit, it is the membrane which retains all the limestone particles, so as soon saturation, it should be replaced for proper operation.

You can fix it on a support 2 inches to keep it in the desired position.


Lifespan : 4 - 5 years
Length : 6 inches = 154 mm
Width : 2 inches = 50 mm


NSF and FDA standards.



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