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Dewberry carafe replacement cartridge
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Dewberry carafe replacement cartridge

Reference - CR-VKDEWBEC

Tap water cartridge Chlorine, hardness, lead, iron, copper, manganese

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Replacement cartridge for DEWBERRY SLIM & SHAPE tap water decanters.

The filter media placed inside this DEWBERRY cartridge is specially dosed to remove various impurities from tap water including chlorine and chloramines, hardness and salinity, lead, iron, copper, manganese, bad taste and smell. In addition, the silver-based component helps neutralize bacteria that could grow inside your carafe.
This cartridge can quickly filter 1.7 liters of water, or 7 cups in a few minutes, from the initial 3.5 liters.
It is important to replace your cartridge regularly and to follow the instructions for the first use.


Installing the cartridge:

1 - Take out the exhausted replacement filter
2 - Wash the parts of the carafe well
3 - For normal operation, immerse the new replacement filter for 5 to 10 minutes in water, shaking it to let the air out.
4 - Install the new replacement filter fully
5 - Make sure to empty the first 2 portions of purified water
6 - The carafe is ready to be used



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