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Pocket Filter 102 x 229 mm - 200 micron
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Pocket Filter 102 x 229 mm - 200 micron

Reference - PR-SSBAG3-200

Filter bag for large volume of water at 7 bar

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200 micron polypropylene felt filter bag for Big Blue bags, effective for holding larger suspended materials in liquid, drinking water, oil and other acidic fluids.

It retains impurities such as mud, algae and solids. The bag is made with two layers of synthetic fibers to bind the material and minimize migration possibilities.
It is best to replace the pocket as regularly as possible when used on large water flow. It is capable of being used in very high temperature applications.


Application areas :
- Domestic water treatment
- Pumping stations
- Process water
- Chemical industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Before-food industry (brewery, drinks)
- Thermalism (fresh water)
- Cooling water


It also offers a wide choice of filtration thresholds between 1 and 200 microns

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