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Pleated washable Cartridges 9-3/4 20 micron - Box of 20

Reference - APP1020-C20

Filtration for superior materials to 20 microns

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This cartridge carton 20 microns is intended to filter users for water softening, in order to properly filter out impurities.

Each cartridge is capable of retaining the suspended solids in excess of 15 to 20 microns.
This is the cartridge model that is installed by the domestic manufacturers Culligan softeners or drilling pump, deep well, lifting, swimming pool or watering.


This type of cartridge has a better efficiency than puromelt 20 microns.
It retains most solids, such as pollen, algae, mud or dust in the water.
It can be used several times to 10 times depending on the pH of the water.

The pleated cartridge will provide a solution to a very wide range of applications, offering the guarantee of a high level of porosity and optimum filtration efficiency.
It is composed of polyester specially formulated with food components.
It does not release fibers and will not mold to the contact with water.

Filter material : Polyester quality more
Length : 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm
Rigid PVC frame with central perforations
Cartridge 20 "0.74 m²
Maximum temperature : 60°C
pH : 3-11
Tip Style DOE (Double Open End = open at each end)



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