Ultraviolet UV 48 GPM horizontal + Sensor
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Ultraviolet UV 48 GPM horizontal + Sensor

Reference - UV48GPM-HTM

Germicidal UV sterilizer 48 GPM of water

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Ultraviolet sterilizer to treat the water consumption of a hotel or bungalow complex on a 40/49 water circuit.

It is equipped with 4 lamps of 39 Watts totaling a power of approximately 160 Watts. It is intended to provide drinking water in buildings requiring a very high flow rate or with drilling water with a pump with a flow rate of 8000 L / H, because the power of the sterilizer will have to destroy all the bacteria. and viruses present.
The ultraviolet sterilizer consists of a stainless steel tube with a 40/49 flanged inlet. It is powered by 4 ballasts for each of the lamps.
The hour meter is coupled with the power supply to indicate the number of operating hours, in order to replace the lamps every year without risking reducing the efficiency of the sterilizer.
The intensity controller indicates a range of radiation making it possible to visualize the power of the rays passing through the glass which protects the lamps. When the glass, called quartz, becomes opaque due to a build-up of lime and impurities, the eel shows that the intensity is reduced. The quartz should be cleaned twice a year to ensure optimal radiation.


Sectors of application:
Drinking water for abrevoires, water production for bungalows, general water supply for hospitals or clinics.

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