Ultraviolet horizontal UV 6 GPM In/Out 1/2
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Ultraviolet horizontal UV 6 GPM In/Out 1/2

Reference - PR-UV-6GPM-H

6 GPM UV system for small volume of domestic water

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6 GPM UV STERILIZER HORIZONTAL : (1350 liters / hour)


Ultraviolet sterilizer for houseboat and mobile home with 6 GPM UV lamp for small volume of drinking water.

Processing equipment, bactericidal, has a policy of generating ultraviolet rays in a radiation chamber. These rays irradiate the living cells contained in the water passing through the apparatus.
This will make your water quality and disinfected.

It is necessary to install a filter holder 9-3/4 inch before the UV lamp to trap large solids. Most often, this is an anti-sediment filter 25 micron smooth or wound.

After UV will also require a filtration system for harmful chemicals.


Counter incorporated hour.
Ballast in the housing.
Horn inoperative.


Ultraviolet radiation generates 253.7 nanometers.

Ultraviloets The lamp consists of a tube which uses the short wave gas vapors at low pressure.
It must be changed regularly.

The virus found in the water, cause hepatitis (hepatitis A and E).
Therefore, the water or air passing through the chamber is exposed to ultraviolet germicidal which disables the genetic material of microorganisms. This prevents them from reproducing and renders them harmless.
The UV lamp destroys the DNA of living organisms.
In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.
Power supply: 220V / 50 - 60HZ
Flow: 6 GPM (1350L / TIME)
Input / Output: 3/4 "
Number of lamps: 1
Number of quartz: 1
Siren alarm: YES
Temperature: 2-40 ° C
Lamp power: 20W
Life of lamp: 8000 hours
Room material: SS304
Starter: Electronic

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