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Big 20 inch Triplex IN/OUT 40/49 + Manometers
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Big 20 inch Triplex IN/OUT 40/49 + Manometers

Reference - TRIPL-BB20112

Triple high flow filtration for water treatment for industry and the food industry

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Triple Big Blue filtration intended for professionals wishing to treat large volumes of network water.

It allows the use of the largest cartridges among the range of Big 20 inch filters, to retain impurities, absorb chemicals or in some cases hydrogen sulfide present in drilling water. You can choose the filtration threshold between 1 and 100 microns for impurities depending on the quality of water to be produced.
The Big filtration station is designed to be installed on a 40/49 circuit without the need for a reducing nipple. If you want to install it on smaller circuits, you can add the appropriate plastic nipple.

The Triple Big system can deliver up to 6 m3 / h depending on the cartridges used. It is ideal for treating rainwater in agriculture to give water to animals, to filter drinking water from a large reservoir in alititude to supply showers, by adding a UV sterilizer adapted to the flow.

Pressure gauges are placed at the inlet and outlet to show the pressure between the two filters. This is necessary to calculate the differential pressure, in order to know when to replace the cartridges.


Material provided :
- Triplex Big Blue 20 inch empty
- Clamping wrench
- Steel support


Dimensions :
Height : mm
Width : mm
Depth : mm

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