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Trapping kit of the Asian Drosophila of red fruits
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Trapping kit of the Asian Drosophila of red fruits

Reference - KIT-003FLY-D

Drosophila Suzuki trap for cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries ...

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Ecological trapping kit to attract red fruit flies to prevent it from sinking into strawberries or cherries.

The main target is drosophila Suzuki, which is a pest insect of fruit trees and strawberry crops. This adult fly lays inside rotten fruits quickly.
Just place a trap every 5 meters and replace the special insect attractant every week during the infestation period. It is still advisable to trap a trap every 1000 m2, 1 month before the appearance of flies to avoid damaging fruit.


Manual :
Fill the trap with 300 ml of attractant. Place the trap in the shade at the height of the crop and around the plot, in order to limit the entry of Drosophila into the crop.


Period of use : April to October


Regularly raise your harvest to pick your fruit before they are over-mature on the plot or in your garden. dispose of waste and sort fruits during picking. At the end of the harvest, do not leave fruits on the trees.


Favorable environment :
- Optimum growth temperature: 20° C
- Temperature Tolerance: 0° C to 30° C
- Screw duration of the female: Up to 2 months


Kit composition :
- Kit ready to install
- 1 liter bottle of special Drosophila attractant


Precautions of use :
Follow the precautionary statements and precautions for use indicated on the label

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