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Traps Caterpillars

An ecological solution to eliminate pine processionary caterpillars.


Why are processionary caterpillars a threat to people and pets?


Processionary caterpillars are a threat to the environment and the living things that inhabit it. They lay eggs which hatch into larvae which begin to eat pine needles and build nests of white silk. The caterpillars develop thousands of stinging hairs that can cause severe irritation and allergic reactions if they come into contact with the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. It is therefore important not to touch the caterpillars or approach the nests or stop near infested trees to avoid health risks. Pets, such as dogs and cats, are also at risk if they sniff or eat them. Processionary caterpillars can defoliate trees, making them more vulnerable to other pests.


How does the PROCEREX® trap work to capture processionary caterpillars?


The PROCEREX® trap was designed to capture the caterpillars of the pine processionary Thaumetopoea pityocampa. The ecological trap uses the social behavior of processionary caterpillars to capture them all at once as they descend from tree trunks to bury and pupate. It is composed of a black sheet covered with contact glue inside, a foam bar and a poly bag.


What are the advantages of the trap over alternative methods of controlling processionary caterpillars ?


  • Efficiency: The social behavior of the processionary caterpillar is used to capture the entire group of larvae, thus ensuring efficient capture.
  • Health protection: Processionary caterpillars are highly allergenic and can cause severe allergic outbreaks. The trap allows them to be captured before they can cause health damage.
  • Protection of trees: Processionary caterpillars feed on pine and cedar needles, causing the loss of these needles. The trap helps protect trees by catching caterpillars before they can damage leaves.
  • Ease of use: The trap is easy to install around the tree trunk, without holes, by gluing the sheet with the overlapping part. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.



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