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Versatile pheromone trap + 2 stuck bottoms
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Versatile pheromone trap + 2 stuck bottoms

Reference - EQ-PIE-10004

Ecological sticky trap to hang to catch butterflies

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Eco-friendly reusable and rechargeable trap to capture all the biting flies of fruits and vegetables in your garden.

It contains 2 stuck bottoms where you can drop the pheromone capsule you want. The pheromone you use will target the type of fly depending on the fruit tree or vegetable crop where the stuck trap will be placed.
The stuck plate traps the codling moth of pome and stone fruits, but also the processionary butterfly, citrus mealybug, tomato leafminer, or eggplant.
Once the trap is saturated with butterflies, you can replace it with the replacement plate.


How to use and dosage :
- Deposit the pheromone of your choice on the muddy bottom (pheromone not supplied)
- Position the trap on the tree for which it is intended on a branch, in a ventilated place at height of man and if possible south side
- Check your trap twice a week to remove by hand the biggest butterflies glued on the bottom.


Period of application : from the end of April to the end of August.

Keep the kit in a dry place at room temperature during the winter season.


Precautions for use :
Follow the precautionary and precautionary statements on the pheromone or bait label.
Keep out of reach of children.

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