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Chromatic attractive trap for flies
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Chromatic attractive trap for flies

Reference - PV-APP-01012

Sticky trap with attractive fruit flies

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Bait flies cherries - olives - citrus

This reusable ecological trap for flies in fruit trees, is composed of two yellow sticky plates is deposited where food baits (ammonium carbonate), to attract the insect.
It is effective for both cherry, olive and fig trees.
For the Mediterranean, where olive and fig trees are massivements present, it is recommended to replace the food attractant by the sex attractant pheromone.
It is used in tree crops and gardens.
When used in detection, a trap is enough all five trees.
For a mass trapping, it will put a trap per tree, or two if it is lengthy (4 to 5 meters wide).
For citrus, a trap every 5 to 6 meters in two rows, alternate, and then every 7 to 10 meters on the inner shafts.
It can be used in organic farming.
The spray glue is provided several times to réengluer the yellow plates. Just clean the plates with alcohol before removing the glue. This operation must be performed every 2 months, or when saturation function.
This trap has a trapping efficiency of 2600 cm ² over a period of six weeks.
It resists wind and weather.
It is simple and quick to install.
Composition of the kit :
- An aerosol of 750 ml glue
- 2 rigid traps to ensnare (with mounting)
- Box of food baits
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