» » » Pheromone trap empty for butterflies - Large capacity - Funnel Trap
Pheromone trap empty for butterflies - Large capacity - Funnel Trap
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Pheromone trap empty for butterflies - Large capacity - Funnel Trap

Reference - PRO-P614FUN

Robust and reusable plastic trap with funnel

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Empty pheromone trap to capture butterflies in a garden or organic crop without insecticide.

It can catch different types of butterflies depending on the pheromones used (boxwood moth, chestnut leaf miner, codling moth or nut).
Only one capsule variety can be used per trap. If you want to catch two different species, two traps should be placed at a minimum distance of 50 meters.
The trap can be used by individuals to protect a terrace against pirates from the boxwood or by professionals for an apple or citrus growing.
The insects are attracted to the pheromones and then fall from exhaustion into the funnel filled with water and drown.
You can also use it for flies of cherry or olives or other fruits, or even the butterflies of the processionary of the pine by preparing yourself the bait.

Effective biological control for culture with pheromone funnel trapping.

This trap is particularly suitable for trapping large butterflies such as Zeuzères, Bombyx, Mamestra brassicae and Autogrrapha gamma.

The combination of pheromone capsules and a suitable trap captures a species of pest moths.


Composition of the trap :
- A flat cover
- A funnel
- A bucket that can serve as a lid
- A perforated basket


Advice before use :
In order not to pollute the pheromone, avoid touching the capsules with your fingers, slide them directly from the sachet into the trap.
Put a capsule of pheromones beforehand in the small openwork basket and close it with the lid.
Pour a small amount of water into the bucket.
The pheromone should be changed every 4 to 6 weeks.
Place the traps out of reach.



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