» » » » Kit 2 Traps for box borer PYRALTRAP with Pheromones
Kit 2 Traps for box borer PYRALTRAP with Pheromones
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Kit 2 Traps for box borer PYRALTRAP with Pheromones

Reference - PV-PPA-02001

Double trapping for heavy boxwood borer infestation

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Kit of 2 complete traps for attracting and trapping boxwood moths during heavy infestations on the same tree.

This kind of ecological bait will eliminate a lot of harmful butterflies from the garden. It must be placed around the area to be protected. In the case where the quantity of butterflies is very important, it will be necessary to compare the traps.
LEPISAN® is a professional trap designed to catch lepidopteran insects (butterflies), including boxworm. It is possible to order the insect trap alone to put your own sexual attractant.


The encapsulated sexual bait will draw the male into the trap filled with water, so that it drowns.

The strongest period in boxwood borer is between early July and late September. Do not wait until the last moment to place the traps.
The pheromone "GINKO® Buxus" is long lasting with a renewal only every 8 months after their suspension in the trap. To compare with the pheromones of the competition which must be replaced every 6 weeks. It is the most efficient on the market.
The trap filled with water drowns butterflies that are attracted by the smell of female pheromones.
Boxwood moth (Cydalima perspectalis) is a pest insect that attacks boxwood in many parts of France. They are attracted by the light of houses and terraces. In addition, the caterpillar leaves behind silk threads and droppings that significantly affect the aesthetic appearance of boxwood.
It is very difficult to get rid of it. In general, the first butterflies are visible from early June. The trap should be installed from the beginning.


How to keep pheromones?
The date of manufacture is mentioned on the bag. It is important to keep pheromones in the refrigerator at about 4 ° C for up to 1 year.
The plastic trap is kept for several years free from frost.


Composition of the box :
- 2 reusable trap all flying insects
- 2 packet of 1 boxwood pyrerine pheromone "GINKO® Buxus"

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