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Wasp and fly traps: How to use them well this summer in the garden?



Flies on your terrace this summer: Quick and effective solutions


Flies can be a real plague in our gardens, especially on hot summer days. Although flies don't have as bad of a reputation as wasps, they can be just as annoying. Flies feed on decaying organic matter, feces and other putrid material. They can therefore carry bacteria and diseases. Flies can also be a real problem at outdoor barbecues or picnics, alighting on you or the food. If you're looking to get rid of flies this summer, you need to use an effective pheromone fly trap. This trap works by attracting the flies with a sex attractant, and once inside the fly bag they cannot escape and more often than not even drown. Fly traps can be hung from a tree in your garden. The goal is often to reduce the number of flies in your environment, because it is advisable to set several different types of traps, including sticky plates.


That's how you make an effective wasp trap!


In sum, wasps and flies can be a real problem for garden owners, especially during the hot summer months. However, it is important to remember that wasps are important pollinators and can help maintain a healthy ecological balance. If you are looking to get rid of wasps and flies that approach your terrace during your meals, wasp and fly traps with attractant liquid can be very useful, if you fear their bites. These traps work by attracting wasps and flies with a specific sweet or sour attractant, then trapping them in a hanging box, where they can no longer escape. By using these traps, you can effectively reduce the number of wasps and flies in your garden, while maintaining a healthy and ecological environment.

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