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Red Fruit Fly Trap - Without Attractive Product
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Red Fruit Fly Trap - Without Attractive Product

Reference - EQ-PIE-03084

Trap for Asian fly suzukii

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Attractive liquid trap for the trap detection of Drosophilia Suzukii and Drosophilia X.

These tiny flies ravage fruit trees of red fruits (cherries, raspberries) or strawberry crops by attacking the flesh causing rotting of the fruit even before its maturation.
It is used with a specific attractant for red fruit flies. You can use a mixture that can attract enough insects, but the one we propose is specific to the Asian Susukii fly.


Use and dosage :
- Fill the red container with 250 ml of liquid attractant for flies for a protection of 3 weeks.
- Place this ecological trap every 5 meters around the crop at least one month before the start of the season, because if the fruit is already ripe, it will be too late to avoid the loss of some of the crop.
- The trap must be checked every 7 days to see if the attractive solution needs to be replaced.


Areas of application : Fruit trees, green spaces, nursery, community, industry, garden.


Optimal period of use : April to October


Tips :
- Keep the frequency of harvest regular and close in time, to avoid leaving overdried fruit on the plot or in the garden.
- Eliminate waste near the crop.
- Remove all remaining fruit from the tree at the end of the season.


Composition of the box :
- 1 empty trap for red fruits.

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