Case 3 Tests TH Business
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Case 3 Tests TH Business

Reference - OR-1KTH03

Professional suitcase testing water hardness

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Tests to evaluate the 3 vials hardness of drinking water before a softener.

The reagents used to make assessments of degrees of TH present in drinking water , such as professional.

They give a much more accurate than the reactive TH test result.


The hardness of the mains water or well in the presence of salts of calcium and magnesium.

Hard water can have some disadvantages such as increased use of soap when bathing, scaling of hot water pipes or white streaks on the glass of the shower.

It will serve to verify the proper operation of your domestic water softener.

For home use, it is accepted that a hardness between 12 and 17° TH is ideal.


Between 0 and 10° TH: freshwater.

Between 11 and 20° TH: little limestone.
Between 21 and 30° TH: limestone.
More than 31° TH: very hard or hard.


This kit gives accurate results within seconds the hardness of your water.
Measuring range: 0 to 80 ° F or TH. 1 drop = 2 F = 2 TH.
Accuracy: ± 2° TH.

Makes about 100 tests.

Package dimension : 140 x 95 x 35 mm.


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