TDS-Meter Manual
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TDS-Meter Manual

Reference - HM-TDS-3

The quality of your color with the TDS meter manual

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DTS electronic meter to allow analysis of drinking water after a reverse osmosis or aquarium.

The TDS meter also measures the water mineralization and it tells you precisely the amount of dissolved solids in water.
It measures both the temperature and the TDS.
It is ideal for all waste water control applications in aquaculture and hydroponics. You can carry it in your pocket with its case.

Conductivity tester with accurate and fast reading on the LCD.

This is the best way to test your water filtration system or as to the appropriate mix of meter engrais.Cet gives a result with good accuracy.
It is recommended for aquariums and freshwater aquaculture, horticulture and hydroponics, and pools and spas.
Our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. Meters can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver.
Its lifetime is envron 1,000 hours.


How to use a TDS meter to the osmosis ?
- Let the water RO 30 seconds, to take into account the water that has been stored too long in the pre-filters.
- Put a little water in a clean glass.
- Immerse the tester in osmosis water.
- Stir the tester slightly, as with a spoon.
- Wait about 20 seconds as the value stabilizes.
- Write this value on the screen.
- Set the raw water or unfiltered into another clean glass and repeat the same operations.


Use the following calculation to obtain a percentage :
100 * (TDS osmosis water) / (TDS raw water) = x%
If the value is less than 10%, the membrane is still usable. If the result is greater than 10%, it will replace the osmosis membrane, as it begins to saturate.


TDS rate: 0-9990 ppm (mg / L)
TDS Sensitivity: 1 ppm
TDS probe material: stainless steel
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Storage temperature: 0 ° C ~ 80 ° C
Automatic temperature compensation from 5 to 50 ° C
Power: lithium CR2032 3V

Dimensions: 155 mm X 31 mm X 23 mm
Comes with screwdriver for calibration


Weight: 76 g



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