Compact hydraulic softener Simplex
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Compact hydraulic softener Simplex

Reference - MONH2O-SIMP

The most compact softener on the market without electricity

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Hydraulic softener to treat limescale in small rooms of the house.

It is very compact and only works with the water pressure of your circuit. It can be installed in all the smallest places, such as under a kitchen sink, in the bathroom or in your mobile home. This Italian brand softener uses a high quality ion exchange resin specially adapted for low energy operation. It consumes 80% less salt than a conventional softener and in addition, its specific resin is twice as fine than another, so can treat a greater amount of water (for a TH 25°: 920 liters of water). softened water at TH 7°).

It adapts to your actual water consumption. If you receive guests for several days, the compact softener adapts immediately to changing water consumption.
To start up this unit, simply turn to indicate the hardness of the water inlet, then turn another screw to indicate the desired level of limescale in the area to be treated.

Our water softener is the most economical and the most ecological of the market.


The benefits of use are many :
- Based on water consumption
- Uses the water pressure for regeneration
- Little need for salt (225 grams)
- Consumes little water during regeneration (19 liters)
- Very fast regeneration: 12 minutes
- Food ISOWATEX resin with high ion exchange power


Applications : Washing machine, dishwasher, percolator, hot water tank, shower, jacuzzi, inflatable pool.


Characteristics of the softener :
- Connection: 3/4 inch
- Minimum pressure: 1.5 bar
- Maximum pressure: 6 bar
- Flow rate: 1800 L / H
- Pressure drop: 0.5 bar
- Exchange capacity: 16.64 M3 / TH°
- Isowatex resin volume: 3.2 liters
- Water used by regeneration: 19 L
- Regeneration time: 12 minutes


DEPTH: 480 mm
HEIGHT: 510 mm
WIDTH: 230 mm

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