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Sleeves Cintropur

Cintropur sleeves adapt to domestic and industrial drinking water filtration.

They are entirely made of high quality synthetic materials with an ACS standard. They fit into all Cintropur filters NW18, NW25, NW32, NW500, NW650, NW800. Their goal is to retain particles on your cold water city or borehole system.

Each filter screen from 1 to 100 micron allows to deeply treat the content of suspended matter.

Cintropur cuffs are suitable for all applications in the sanitary network, rainwater harvesting, drilling water or before softener filtration.
Their flow rates range from 3.5 m3 / h to 32 m3 / h covering a range of filters ranging from the new Smart Line series to the industrial range, the range of Cintropur filters will meet all your needs.

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