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Reverse Osmosis WOW

Patented filtration system for drinking pure water at home and in motorhomes.

WOW is a reverse osmosis system operating with amazing efficiency reducing water losses by up to 500% compared to conventional devices. It does not need to use a pump between 1.4 and 9 bar pressure. The tank fills up as it empties.

Revolutionary reverse osmosis for the home, professionals in the hotel and restaurant without loss of water.

WOW uses water-on-water technology that produces very high throughput, reduces wastewater and has a service life of over 10 years without maintenance.

Advantages are :


Quick and easy installation (20 minutes)
Requires half the space of a traditional osmosis unit
Fill rate 4 times faster (13 minutes)
5 times more effective
5 year warranty *
Made in the USA

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