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WOW RO- Water On Water Reverse Osmosis

Reference - RO-WOW-1

Compact reverse osmosis unit for tenants and motorhome owners, boat, house

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Unique reverse osmosis filtration system without pump for drinking pure water.

It makes it possible to treat the drinking water supplied by the municipality or the drinking water certified by an analysis laboratory to remove the chemical elements present, in order to consume pure water. It can be used for cold or hot drinks, but also for making ice cubes in your American refrigerator. This reverse osmosis system is the only system that can be plugged into a kitchen faucet at one time and provide fresh water and ice cubes for the entire family.
For professionals, this reverse osmosis WOW is the guarantee of having high quality water to make coffees and hot drinks without having a lack of water in the tank. He is able to fill the tank in 13 minutes, if it were to be emptied in full.

The most versatile and efficient reverse osmosis system on the market.


The osmosis unit has many advantages over a conventional reverse osmosis system :
- Footprint reduced by half
- Easy to install under the sink or on the worktop (25 minutes)
- Constant flow without pump
- Quantity of water reduced to 2 liters rejected for 1 liter product
- Water reserve always available
- Usable from 1.38 bars
- Long-life pre-filtration cartridges (8000 liters)
- Fast replacement of cartridges (1 minute)
- No air in the tank, so no bacteria development
- Self-cleaning membrane by flow


Applications of the RO :
- Main residence (tenant and owner)
- Coffee machines
- Pleasure boat or cruises
- Office cafeteria
- Medical world
- Vegetable foggers
- Ice machines
- Restaurants and brasseries


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