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Osmosis Cartridges Kit 5 Levels dual coal - with membrane
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Osmosis Cartridges Kit 5 Levels dual coal - with membrane

Reference - K-5-FILT-2C50G

Pack multi-carbon cartridges and the membrane

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Cartridges kit for home reverse osmosis drinking water filtration with 5 levels whose membrane.

It replaces all your reverse osmosis filters to make water quality.
Both carbon filter cartridges one by one chlorine and harmful substances present in the water, before passing through the membrane 50 provided GPD.
The first cartridge must retain suspended solids such as mud, sand or algae, which can damage the membrane.
When replacing the cartridge, it is advisable to immerse the carbon cartridge in RO water that you get your reserve to remove fine coal dust that can saturate the new membrane.
This double pack with pre- carbon and active post- carbon is very effective against the bad taste of drinking water.


The water passes through different filtrations as follows :

Step 1 : cartridge 9 3/4 inches
The 10-inch SEDIMENTS cartridge removes undissolved particles suspended in the water supply, greater than 5 microns (sand, rust, algae, dust).
Step 2 : Cartridge Pre carbon pellets 9 3/4 inches
The water then passes through the cartridge container filled with granular activated carbon, to retain the maximum of odors, pesticides, insecticides , herbicides, chlorine taste and maus.
Step 3 : Print cartridge pre carbon block 9 3/4 inches
This second carbon cartridge can retain the last traces of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine present in the water . It will provide the highest quality water.
Step 4 : Membrane 50 GPD
98-99 % of the undesirable elements in the water are removed by the membrane.
Step 5 : Print cartridge online coal 10 inches
The water is passed through the membrane to remove all heavy metals, nitrates, and harmful substances, ending in a final line cartridge carbon.
The cartridge is composed of coal -based coconut.


This filter gives your exceptional taste quality water, sparkling like crystal puretée.

It is also called finishing cartridge because it is often used to finish a reverse osmosis filtration.
We recommend replacing these cartridges are changed every year.

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