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Reverse Osmosis aquarium 75 GPD

Reference - PR-STAN-75

RO water purifier complete aquarium

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special treatment of aquarium water

Filtration system to purify water in the tank to be replaced by very thin membrane.
Removes contaminants in water to make it clear and pure.
The treated water is free of scale, because the sodium and calcium were removed.
The reverse osmosis unit is only used with a known water supply.
How does reverse osmosis ?
It's a system that purifies water by forcing pressurized water through a membrane ultra thin plastic.
During the initial stage of filtration, water passes through a particulate filter that removes silt, Sedd, sand and clay particles that might clog the membrane.
Then the water passes through an activated carbon cartridge pourretenir chromium, mercury, copper, chlorine and pesticides.
It is important to remove chlorine, because it shortened the life of the membrane.
Water is transferred under pressure into the pores of the membrane.
The RO does Acuna noise other than the sound of water.
It improves water quality for the health of your fish.
It is necessary to change the aquarium water regularly to maintain the right balance.
Characteristics :
- 1 membrane Toray Membrane 75 GPD 1 (290 liters / day)
- 1 sediment cartridge line 12 "X 2.5"
- 1 activated carbon block cartridge line 12 "X 2.5"
- 1 restrictor set according to the capacity of the membrane
- 1 fitting 3 / 4 "for standard valve with reduced tubing 1 / 4" - type garden
- 4 clips support
Life of the cartridge: 6000 to 8000 liters.
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