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RO 4000 Booster pump 75 GPD

Reference - PR-AP-4000-PB75

Domestic osmosis 290L/day 4 levels

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75 GPD domestic osmosis machine for drinking pure water in a family of 4 people.

This membrane filtration system is designed to provide enough water for the day. It can be used with the supplied faucet or on a 3-way main faucet.
The water will be treated to 99.99% to remove limestone, heavy metals, but also the trace elements present in the city water. This model has a booster pump, which aims to maintain a constant flow to the membrane, to optimize the production of osmosis water.
It can only be connected to drinking water declared by an analytical laboratory when it is a source water for drilling.


This Pureflow 4000 domestic reverse osmosis system consists of :

- Osmosis with 2 pre-filters in transparent tanks
- Membrane holder with 75 GPD membrane
- 420 ml Flow Restrictor
- Manual shutoff valve
- Check Valve
- 3.5 Gal polyethylene tank - 13,250 L
- Tank closing valve
- Faucet with ceramic disc
- Self-piercing
- 1/4 inch tube
- Filter cartridges: impurities - chlorine
- Coconut chafing finishing cartridge


Dimensions :
Width: 47 cm
Height: 47 cm
Depth: 39 cm


Delivery time: between 6 and 8 days

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