Review of Sophie P on Kit Cartridges 2 levels 10 inches

Kit Cartridges 2 levels 10 inches Kit Cartridges 2 levels 10 inches

KIT CARTRIDGES 2 LEVELS : sediments + coal

Set of 2 10-inch cartridges replacement for your traditional purifier 2 levels.
Each cartridge to its specific function to improve the quality of the water network.

Cartridge 5 micron spun 10 inches :
It filters all suspended matter in water, such as dust, sand, rust, algae.
Model is essential for easy filtering and not saturate too quickly following cartridges with activated carbon.

Activated carbon cartridge 10 inch :
This carbon block filter all dyestuffs, bad taste, odors, pesticides and chlorine in treated water network.
The fact that either block brings a good quality filter.

Lifespan : 6000 - 900 max or 1 year
Length of cartridges : 10 inches = 248 mm

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stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 06 September 2018by Sophie P

Aucun problème (sauf avec l'adresse de livraison, mais qui devrait pouvoir se résoudre).