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Filter shower Clean Bath Filter shower Clean Bath



Comes with an adapter and elbow so that the filter does not affect your bathtub.

Effective anti- chlorine filter for delicate skin and respiratory problems in the water in the shower.

It avoids absorbing substances dissolved in water through your skin , such as chlorine and heavy metals.

Essential for sensitive baby skin to prevent problems from allergies and dry hair.
The cartridge is used to compose the whole family for about 2 years.


This filter is ideal for the whole family :
Filter the bath water babies and children shower.
Recommended for people allergic to chlorine.
For the comfort and enjoyment of the whole family and friends.


The advantages are many :
- A softer skin
- More hair soft and shiny
- A less dry scalp
- Protected lungs
- Eyes that do not bite
- More unpleasant odor
- Effective for 45000 liters or 3 years
- Has KDF and calcium sulphite
- Operating Temperature up to 80°C
- The only device capable of running in 2 directions
- Accredited by the NSF (Food Drug Administration)


Showering in chlorinated water is absorbed by inhalation of 10 to 100 times more close and chemicals (chlorine, chloroform, trichlorethylene, haloforms, pesticides ...) in drinking water.
Under the effect of heat, chemicals in the water evaporate and enter directly in the bronchi and then go into the bloodstream , with even more harmful effects that the body is fragile such as infants and young children.
More water is warmer, the effects are significant . For a shower of about 10 minutes , 600 ppm are absorbed by the body. The risk is even greater if the bathroom is small Ventilated.
These chemicals have also effect on the skin by contact, problems of health and beauty, such as the aging of the skin and hair, not to mention allergy problems (irritation , eczema , redness, itching).
This system is developed by American engineers to use in the world. It is composed of an alloy and operates on the principle redox.
The filter can purify water by removing chlorine and harsh chemicals to the skin , eyes and hair. The shower filter significantly reduces organochlorines, heavy metals , iron and hydrogen sulfide.
It prevents the growth of bacteria. Especially it changes the structure of critallisation calcium carbonate (limestone).
For better efficiency against limestone, it is preferable to add an anti limestone shower nozzle.
If you want to filter the limescale in hard water, you should choose the filtration system special shower with anti-scale resin.


Tip : For a high water pressure , we recommend you take our new model Chlorclean HP filter (carbon + KDF) without cartridge.
If you want to install a home water filtration for use in the kitchen faucet for your needs for drinking water and washing of raw vegetables and fruits, we recommend our range AFNOR standards and guaranteed by Public Health a world renowned Swiss quality.
The KDF is an alloy of copper and zinc using a chemical process (oxidation- reduction) to remove or reduce the chlorine, lead , mercury , iron, hydrogen sulfide, calcium carbonate , magnesium and chrome water . This prevents the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus and calcium deposits.

It removes free chlorine by reversing the process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium in the brine.

KDF used for this shower filter is not suitable for filtering drinking water or for washing food, in this case we recommend that you install a filter for water treatment on your kitchen faucet or under your sink with cartridges food standards.
Warning: check régulièremment the good flow of water through the shower head, because in case of plug , you may significantly increase the pressure at the filter causing a crack in the filter holder (out of warranty).


Weight : 420 g
Length : 120 mm
Diameter : 68 mm


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stars_4 - Review added the Tuesday 15 November 2011by Nicolas F

It does improve water quality and chlorite content, although it is not perfect.