Review of lionel M on Diammonium Phosphate 1.5 KG - Olive Fly - Cherry Fly

Diammonium Phosphate 1.5 KG - Olive Fly - Cherry Fly Diammonium Phosphate 1.5 KG - Olive Fly - Cherry Fly

Diammonium Phosphate - 1,5 Kg : powder for fly traps


Natural powder for detection of olive and cherry flies to attract the insect in an ecological trap suspended from the tree.

It is an alternative method of fighting Asian Drosophila and the olive fly, with no chemical insecticide, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.
The trap is very effective, although it quickly shows its limits when the fly population is too high. The overall performance of mass trapping is much better when it is practiced on a large scale in a wide area.
To make a trap, just take a bottle of empty plastic mineral water and add the Killa Trap Red Special Drosophila Asian, or the Killa Trap Special yellow olive fly depending on the target.
Trapping prevention should be developed to avoid rapid reproduction of flies due to spawning. This could lead to the loss of the entire crop.


Determination for a trap :
Prepare a solution of water in which 40 g per liter of diammonium phosphate powder is dissolved, ie 2 spoonfuls convex soup.
Fill the bottle with a capacity of 1 liter with half a liter of solution.

Setting up traps:
Place at least one bottle per olive or cherry tree. The ideal, in times of heavy infestation, is to suspend 4 bottles per tree at the four cardinal points.


The Drosophila :
It grows thanks to fruits, which it feeds, especially in the south-eastern region of France. It can attack all kinds of fruit including cherries, strawberries, raspberries or grapes.
The fly deposits its eggs from May to June in fruits that begin to mature.


The olive fly :
This insect can be present from the month of June in the orchards, until the end of October.
It is the main pest of the olive tree. The damage caused by the larva can call into question the totality of the crop.


In Organic Farming, we invite you to consult your certification body on how to set up this type of trap on your farm.


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Very quick delivery and very good package, thank.