Review of Daniel D on Cartridge Spun Sediment 10" 1 micron

Cartridge Spun Sediment 10" 1 micron Cartridge Spun Sediment 10" 1 micron



Cartridge adapted to well water, rain for the first stage of filtration.

Removes all elements suspended in the water: sediment, sand, mud, mildew, pollen.

This cartridge is made of polypropylene microfibers by thermal action agglomerated without any additives. She did not release any substance in water. Its density graduated from the outside to the inside improves the efficiency of filtration or prefiltration before the cartridges activated carbon or membrane.
It can withstand a wide range of chemical fluids.
It is advisable to change the cartridge every 6 months to ensure excellent water quality, especially for drinking.
Cartridge with a good value for money : Special discount when you buy 4 cartridges
It is suitable for all water: water from rain, well, home networking.
Used in a filter housing 9-3/4 - 248 m.
It can make the water clearer.
It is suitable for various types of filtration, purification, osmosis.
The cartridge is NSF certified.
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stars_5 - Review added the Friday 28 October 2016by Daniel D

good, it's better in french.