Review of Chris M on Pack of 3 cartridges Coal Block 20 inches 5 microns

Pack of 3 cartridges Coal Block 20 inches 5 microns Pack of 3 cartridges Coal Block 20 inches 5 microns



Pack of 3 cartridges 20 inch 100% coconut charcoal to 5 micron filtration.

The cartridge carbon is essential to retain the major contaminants found in well water, rain or home network that is considered potable.
The activated carbon used is based on coconut to guarantee the best filtration.
The diameter of the cartridge is suitable only in the classic filter housing 20 inches, which team in general, an accommodation of 4 water points or barge.
Although its filtration rating of 5 microns, it is advisable to install a dirt-cartridge front to filter the larger suspended matter in order to prolong the effectiveness of the carbon block.

They filter the bad taste and odors, pesticides and chlorine still present in the water.
They also hold pesticides, insecticides, chloroforms, the Trihalomethanes and benzene.
Essential to obtain a water high quality, bright as crystal. It may be part of an anti-pesticide treatment in the wine regions for drilling water.

Cartridge replacement frequency : maximum 18000 liters or 1 year in office.


Made in France.


Dimensions of the cartridge :
Length : 508 mm = 20 inches
Diameter : 66 mm
Width of the inner hole : 27 mm



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stars_5 - Review added the Wednesday 06 December 2017by Chris M

Works great. Lasts about 18 months at a stretch.