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4 Levels osmosis AP4 - 50 GPM Booster Pump

Reference - PR-AP680-PB-50

Reverse osmosis with compact 12 liter tank

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Reverse osmosis processing your domestic water to make pure drinking by the whole family.

This is the only and sure way to remove all harmful substances to the human body.

The RO will filter your water to 0.0001 micron, removing nitrates, heavy metals, bacteria, and even drug micronutrients residue.
This reclaimed water can be used for a large number of systems in the house, such as:
Syrups, coffee, tea, soups, ice cubes, washing vegetables, food preparation and domestic use, aquarium, plants and cut flowers.

The RO water is the cost effective solution to the serious problem of pollution.


The RO unit is compact, since it does not take much space under the kitchen sink.
A family of 4 will be able to drink the water consumed by the performance of the membrane 50 GPD or 190 liters per day.
The 12 liter tank water can be drawn by the ceramic valve throughout the day.
Water available at will be eaten without any indication against-all, including infants.


This RO 4 levels include :
- 4 filter holders
- 24V booster pump
- Solenoid
- Restrictor 350
- Sediment Cartridge
- Cartridge carbon block
- Cartridge Online
- Switch low pressure and high
- Check valve
- 3.2 Gallon Tank
- Tap 1/4 inch
- Self-piercing

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