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How to choose and install LED strips ?
How to choose and install LED strips ?

Today, there are many bands Led sale with very different qualities of light depending on whether the LED 3528 or 5050. More professional lighting and outdoor lighting demand that the band is as light as possible, since now they are all dimmable (compatible thru a dimmer). For white LED strips, they must pay attention to the temperature of the light, because there are four models depending on the type of installation you want to do.

- 6000 ° K (cold light) outside the house edge pool
- 5000 ° K: kitchen staff, office lighting, interior closet or wardrobe
- 4000 ° K (daylight - daylight) contour bar, indirect lighting, interior
- 3500 ° K (warm light) interior lighting motorhome, indirect light in a room or room with stone walls

The roll of 5 meters LED strip is often bundled with connections to the extremity to connect directly to 12V transformer or directly to the battery for a camper.

In contrast, for RGB strips, there are 4 son to connect to a controller LED that will create its own animation.

How to choose LED recessed bulbs at home ?
How to choose LED recessed bulbs at home ?

Since halogen bulbs can be replaced with bulbs of the same wattage LED light, we are faced with having to choose from a fairly wide variety of LED with beam angles from 30 ° to 120 °. It depends, in general, the type of LED used and as the technology developed by the manufacturer.
In France, we have to choose between, with 3 LED bulbs in lens and bulbs with SMD. The choice will, depending on the height of the light and the number of bulbs to install.
In addition, you must also choose the color of light that you want in the room, instead of a color natural white and warm color with yellowish effect close to the halogen.
At the individual, it is advisable to use light to warm a living room, dining room, and keep the white light for the kitchen and office.
Consumption does not exceed 5W, with the possibility of varying intensity, from a dimmer 12V for MR16 and GU10 220V for.
The hard life of these bulbs is much longer, since supports vibration and voltage variations.

How to choose LED light bulbs for home ?
How to choose LED light bulbs for home ?

From 1 January 2013, filament bulbs are no longer sold in shops, as they are energy intensive. The incandescent lamp was invented in 1835 by James Bowman Lindsay has now been removed to be replaced by LED.
Thanks to an important development since the 90s, Led Bulb is bright enough to produce power equivalent to our old bulbs.
We can provide power 25 to 150 watts with the same bases for consumption divided by 10. In addition, they are insensitive to vibrations and do not break when falling to the ground.
With LED, maximum light is instantaneous. They can be switched on and off repeatedly without any degradation of the light of their life or the integrated driver.
In a house, it is advisable to change the bulbs that consume the most first, then those used lamp atmosphere in some parts, as they are often lit.
That's why we offer packages of bulbs depending on the type of accommodation you occupy. For a studio, simply a 60W bulb in warm light for the main light and a 60W bulb white light for the kitchen area.
It is necessary to choose the light color based on room light. Now, we have a wide choice of 4 colors of light are determined in degrees Kelvin (K) from 2800 to 6000 ° K.
For parts friendly as the living room or the lobby, it is better to take a warm light, because more relaxing for the eyes.
For ages, it is more difficult to find, for the moment, a power greater than 30W, because the space available for the LED is smaller than conventional bulbs.
Thanks to the wide range on our website, give free rein to your desires ...

How to illuminate your garden with the LED ?
How to illuminate your garden with the LED ?

For garden lighting, there are many solutions with the LED to provide the type of light according to its choice ue atmosphere you want to give. For trees and shrubs, white light is recommended, since it enhances the colors blue and green, or with a powerful projector with wide angle or with a projector with narrow angle for trees with foliage over 6 meters .

In the case of construction of a terrace with driveway, it is necessary to mix different types of Led lights with natural light and RGB if necessary. We recommend to prepare a wiring diagram, a Paier graph to determine the distance between the power supply, the number of processors 12 or 24 depending on the power of each and choosing sectorize lighting zones.

Now, the majority of drives are compatible with LED, which allows you to adjust the light to their needs.