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Under sink water purifier 2 filtrations with UV

Reference - PR-AUS2-ULTV

Purifier under sink water filtration dual

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CLEANER SINK IN 2 LEVELS + UV 1 GPM : Sediment - Activated Carbon


Water purifier under sink with special miniature UV sterilizer water to drink.

Complete system of raw water filtration or poor to be treated against germs, viruses and bacteria before using it for cooking and drinking.
The filtered water is of the highest quality throughout the year without bad taste, suspended solids, pesticides and other harmful substances.
The filter holders contain a cartridge to retain impurities larger than 5 microns and a cartridge block activated carbon to filter chemicals, bad taste, chlorine and odor.
Before arriving at your tap water passes through an ultraviolet sterilizer that destroys 99.99% viruses, microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Disinfection of water sources, wells, drilling or surface is important in the context of use in drinking water.
Its installation is very simple and quick, with all necessary accessories.
To connect the UV purifier to the water supply, you can use a quick self-piercing 1/4.
You can replace the second cartridge with another of your choice containing KDF effective against heavy metals.

This purifier can be connected directly to a 3-way chrome faucet in your kitchen sink, to avoid drilling an extra hole in your kitchen sink.
No more water bottles chores: rapid amortization.


Properties cartridge spun impurities :
- Made from thermo welded microfiber high food grade polypropylene
- Ensures high deep retention capacity
- Allows a good pre-filtration before an activated carbon cartridge coal or mid-mid-ceramics
- Suitable for 6000 liters or 1 year maximum
- Has excellent resistance to bacterial attacks
- Filter all impurities such as rust, sand, pollen, dust, sediment and mud.
- NSF Certified


Properties of the activated carbon cartridge :
- Eliminates: chlorine, bad taste, organic contaminants, odors, pesticides, herbicides, THMS, PCB, bacteria.
- Preserves the minerals and natural trace elements of water.
- Filter all particles greater than 10 microns (rust, sand).
- Suitable for 9000 liters or 1 year maximum.
- Without loss of water with 3 liters min flow.
- CE and ISO 9001 Standard


Filtration equipment provided :
- Long-range tap 1/4
- Self piercing unleaded and Support
- 1.5 meter flexible hose 1/4
- Spin cartridge 5 microns
- Active coal cartridge 10 microns
- UV sterilizer 1 GPM


The mechanical volumetric meter can be replaced by a programmable digital volume meter (optional).

Unit dimensions :
Depth : 140 mm
Width : 280 mm
Height : 310 mm (you have to think to leave 10 cm for replacement cartridges)



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