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Domestic reverse osmosis Ecosoft P'URE AquaCalcium

Reference - MO675MACPUREECO

6-stage water purification osmosis unit with calcium

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Ecosoft compact reverse osmosis unit to eliminate all the pulluants in drinking water at home.

Ecosoft P'URE reverse osmosis filters represent a combination of innovative technologies and natural processes that provide delicious water with a stable mineral content.
The Ecosoft P'URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis filter removes 99.8% of pollutants from water and provides delicious, fresh and soft drinking water enriched with calcium.


Reverse osmosis is the most efficient technology for the purification of drinking water. It reduces 99.9% of impurities and pollution (virus bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, drug residues, nitrate ...) as well as odors, the color of the water and, makes the water clear, clean, tasty and free. danger to human health, both for adults and children. The osmosis membrane is one of the most cost effective methods of purifying domestic water from the city or even rainwater if needed.

The Ecosoft P'URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis system filters the water in 6 stages of purification including mineralization. It uses a world-leading DOW Filmtec ™ membrane (USA) to produce up to 280 L of drinking water per day stored in the 7-liter tank.

The last step is to enrich the RO water with calcium using the AquaCalcium filter. It is possible to install it vertically and horizontally.


Benefits of using Ecosoft P'URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis:
An absolutely clean and safe source of drinking water, dishes cooked with reverse osmosis water will taste better. Coffee beans and tea leaves will open up their aromas and flavors. With reverse osmosis water and its filters, you will obtain the mineral element which is important for life, calcium.
After the Ecosoft P'URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis filter, the drinking water is enriched with calcium, for this reason it is particularly recommended for children and adolescents, and for frail or elderly people.
Calcium reduces the risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity and many other diseases.


Composition of the Ecosoft P'URE AQUACALCIUM osmosis unit :
- Triple pretreatment with cartridges.
- Metal storage tank (general volume 11 L, effective volume up to 7 L).
- Stylish "modern" tap for purified water.
- Supply water adapter included with supply valve for connection to the water network.
- Storage tank closing valve.
- Set of colored tubes (4 pcs.) For a practical installation of the osmosis unit.
- Drain saddle clip for connecting the filter to the sewers.
- DOW Filmtec ™ 75 GPD membrane (280 L per day).
- Keys for replacing filters and reverse osmosis membrane.
- Instruction manual.


Dimensions H X L X P (mm)312 X 430 X 195               
CapacitY12 L                   
Tank dimensions (mm)350 X 260 X 260
Flow3 L/mn
Operating pressure3 - 6 Bar
Connection1/2 Pouce
Inlet Temperature+4 °C à +30 °C


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