Vacuum pump-cave clear water
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Vacuum pump-cave clear water

Reference - GXRM9GF

Special pump to suck water cellar following flooding

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VACUUM PUMP 10 GM-CAVE for clean water

Drain pump for all water clean or slightly dirty.
It is used for many applications: Draining of flooded basements (cellars, wells), irrigation, transfer of water.
It is able to pump in manual or automatic in miminum 10 inches of water, so as not to defuse it.
Its small footprint, its operational safety and flow up to 200 l / min are advantages to this pump good quality / price ratio.
Specifications :
The pump should not be
- To clean or slightly dirty, with solids up to a diameter of 8 mm.
- Maximum temperature of liquid: 35 ° C.
- Type: S3 40%.
- Maximum density of the fluid: 1100 kg/m3.
- Minimum dimensions of the well installation: 0.35 x 0.35 m, depth 0.35 m.
- Maximum immersion depth: 5 m (with cable of suitable length).
For operation outside the length of power cable should be 10 m min.
- Starts / hour maximum: 30, at regular intervals.
- Maximum pressure: 0.75 Bar
- Maximum flow: 12m3 / h
Sound pressure with minimum depth of immersion: <70 dB (A).
The noise disappears with the pump submerged.
Instructions for use :
- The pump must be lifted and carried using the handle provided for this purpose.
- The electrical cable should never be used to hold the pump.
- Place the pump with the vertical axis on the bottom of the well or the installation site.
- The inside diameter of the delivery tube should never be less than the diameter of the orifice of the pump: G 11 / 2 (DN 40).
- To prevent premature deterioration of the pump when used in pond or river, mount the pump on a base plate high from the ground to not suck in sand or gravel.
- Do not exceed an immersion depth of 5 meters and a maximum temperature of the pumped liquid 35 ° C.
- When using the pump in a swimming pool (only when there are no people inside), garden ponds or similar areas, it is strongly recommended to install an RCD trip current nominal IΔN not exceeding 30 mA.
- When a plastic pipe or hose is used, it is necessary to get a sling, and lift the pump set.
- CAUTION : Avoid everything running dry, even for testing.
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