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External 30W LED Projector

Reference - PEL-PRO-30

Led projector Ultra powerful outside

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Projector quality 30W LED outdoor lighting to replace the front or parking.

Its natural light color gives it a pleasant atmosphere for summer evenings with friends, or when illuminating a restaurant garden.
The power of the black projector brings the maximum intensity for a consumption of only 34W.
The New Black 30W projector many differences with Led projector low price.
It develops 100lm/watt to produce the maximum brightness, while the others are around 60lm/watt.

The paint on the aluminum structure resists all time, even in the sea.
The very high power electronic cos Phi is a guarantee of a cheapest light output.
The cable used is VDE 3C rubber for use outdoors.
Finally, the hardware is high quality stainless steel 100%.

Tempered and laminated glass enhances the protection of lighting and guarantee security in the event of pebbles jets.



- Available: daylight (4200 - 4500K)
- Delivers a light comparable to traditional 250 watt projector
- Beam angle of light on 120 °
- Waterproof: IP65
- Consumption of 34 Watts

- Brand EPISTAR Led
- Instant start: 100% light immediately
- Do not give off any heat
- Not sensitive to vibrations and shocks (small)
- Service life of over 40,000 hours, or 30 years for use of 5 hours per day
- Voltage: 220-260 VAC
- 1 year warranty by the manufacturer (Remanufactured)


Projector advantages :
- Do not give off any heat
- Not sensitive to vibrations
- Power supply: 85-264 V / 50-60 Hz AC
- Cos Phi High (PFC):> 0.96

Applications :
- Suveillence parking
- Private or public garden lighting
- Lighting facade house or business premises
- Lighting for road charging
- Stand Lighting in fair expo

Nomber of LEDPower (Watts)Intensity (Lumens)
LED SMD343380K
AlimentationLight outputT° couleur
230 V AC~250-280 W4500K
189 mm229 mm2300 g



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