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Kit full Osmosis Cartridges for 4 Levels
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Kit full Osmosis Cartridges for 4 Levels

Reference - KC-FICC4N

Pack osmosis cartridges with post-coal

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Kit osmosis filter cartridges for your 4 levels of all brands of compounds 2 filter holders 10 inches.
The set consists of two cartridges filter holders and a vertical charcoal canister line after you finish installing membrane holder.
Action of the sediment cartridge :
Filter to remove undissolved particles suspended in water supply, but also traces of rust, algae, sand.
It protects the activated carbon cartridge, to prolong its life.
The cartridge has a dimension of 10 inches.
Action of the activated carbon cartridge :
The water that passes through the cartridge was filtered to obtain a water quality.
It receivership bad tastes, odors, insecticides, pesticides, chloroforms, trihalomethanes ...
Action of the post-carbon coal cartridge :
The Post Carbon filter is a filter made from natural coconut (called Coconut).
It is the final stage of filtration to ensure a superior eeau, bright as crystal and very pleasant to drink.
Many reverse osmosis units on the market are equipped with this kind of cartridges.
Details of cartridge :
- 10 inch sediment cartridge 5 micron spun
- Activated carbon block cartridge 10 inches
- Post Carbon Cartridge 10 inch without quick couplers
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