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Ecosoft Pitcher Water Filter Cartridge MAX
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Ecosoft Pitcher Water Filter Cartridge MAX

Reference - ECO-MAX1

Compatible filter cartridge for Brita Maxtra carafe

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MAX filter refill of your Ecosoft pitcher with purified water compatible filter.

The replacement filter filled with Ecomix® media to reduce a large number of impurities in tap water, but also chlorine, hardness, iron, manganese, natural organic matter and petroleum products .
This carafe cartridge is especially recommended for hard tap water containing a lot of iron and natural organic matter.
Thanks to the filter cartridge for Ecosoft pitcher, the water will be fresh and pure during its use of approximately 250 liters.
The unique German technology of the filter cartridge makes effective treatment of your city water to reduce chlorine, hardness, iron, manganese, phenols. The Max Cartridge improves the taste and smell of water.

Thanks to this carafe cartridge with the patented media, the water is pure and fresh.
This purified water can be consumed to drink syrups or to make tea or coffee. The life of the cartridge is estimated at one month to guarantee you an optimum water quality for the whole family.
The shape of this cartridge makes it compatible with Brita filter cartridges.


Advantages of the MAX cartridge :
- Improves the taste and aroma to make your teas and coffees
- The water is purified to consume it at room temperature
- Appliances (kettle, iron, steamer) will be protected from tartar
- Reduces lead, iron and manganese
- Low cost: 5 times cheaper than bottled water


Replacement is easy :
- open the lid, remove the used cartridge and put the new one in its place.
It is necessary to discard the first two of purified water. Now the Max filter is ready.


Characteristics of the cartridge :
- Duration of use: 250 liters
- Length: 0.49 inch
- Width : 0.19 inch

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